Stocking Stuffers For Your Baby & Furbaby!

It is almost Christmas and I have been thinking of some of my favorite stocking stuffers for you to get your babies and furbabies. I love to always get my dogs and cat something special for the holidays. They deserve to feel merry and loved too! It’s especially fun if you wrap their gifts and see them open it up with their paws. First I will list a few baby/toddler stocking stuffers that I love.

1. This toy has been a hit ever since my sister gifted it to my daughter for her birthday! Whale Bath Tub Toy

2. Here is an adorable winter hat and mittens set from Old Navy. You can never have too many sets, they get lost so easily. Winter Hat and Mittens

3. My daughter loves the wubba nub pacifiers and these also can get lost. It is always great to have a couple on hand and they have cute holiday ones like a polar bear and reindeer! Wubba Nub Holiday

4. This is a fun ball toy that your baby can continue to play with until they are older. It is safe and soft to throw. Helps them with their coordination and it’s fun! Baby Ball

Wrapping empty boxes under the tree and letting your baby open them is the best! They really love ripping the paper and playing with that instead of anything that is actually wrapped.

Next, I will list a few stocking stuffers for your furbabies!

1. For the fluffy kitty in your life, PetSmart has adorable holiday themed cat toys. Cat Toys

2. My pug Finn (and I think every other dog out there) has their lamb chop stuffed toy that they adore. Here is the cutest one with a Santa hat! Santa Lamb Chop

3. Instead of just buying your dog some treats, try making him some! There’s no better than something homemade from the heart. You can shape them with Christmas cookie cutters and make them festive! Here is a link to my favorite dog treat recipe: Homemade Dog Treats

4. My dogs don’t chew many bones but they love this one! Not sure if it’s the shape or flavor, but it’s a hit in our house. Wishbone

5. This last one can be a gift for your child if they are older to give to their pet. Who doesn’t love a paw ornament? This is a kit you do at home yourself! I think it’s the sweetest idea. Paw Print Ornament

I hope that I have given you a few ideas to fill up some stockings this holiday season! Wishing you all a safe and merry new year!