How to be Pawsitive in a Pandemic

I was watching the news one morning in the height of the pandemic amidst other violent happenings around the world. Death was pouring from the TV screen. So much heartache. My daughter starts to giggle loudly and when I look at her I see my pug Finn licking her on the cheek. Laughter. Smiles. It seems that during the pandemic everyone has started to catch on to one of the most positive things in life: dogs! According to the MSPCA back in April, there was a 20% adoption rate increase and almost 350 animals were placed with forever homes. I couldn’t find any statistics from the last five months but I can only guess that it has gone up even more, especially during the summer months. Even then, that’s a huge percentage increase and one of the best things to come from this horrible pandemic.

I think if everyone in the world realized how a dog can give them as much love as they need ALL the time, the world would be a much better place. It is proven that your mood increases and you even sleep better with a dog in your bed! Having one around brings comfort and security. I know with my dogs, if I step outside for just one minute and come back inside, they act like I was gone for hours. The pure excitement and unconditional love they give me is priceless and the fact that they also give that love to my daughter is beyond words to describe. What if we all treated one another the way dogs treat us? With loyalty, kindness, respect, and love. If we cared about strangers the way our dogs care about us, things would be so beautiful. We have seen people come together during this unprecedented time but it could always be better.

So, if you’re looking for something to be positive about, adopt a dog (or a cat, or a parrot, or a rabbit, or any animal that you fall in love with at the shelter). I have had a dog in my life before I was even born. We always had all kinds of fluffy critters in our household. Having animals in your home also helps with your baby’s allergies. The more pet dander, the more immunity your baby has and allergies are less likely to be developed.

There are so many positive outcomes for adopting a dog. I would recommend doing some research on the breed you are adopting so you know how to properly take care of them. Dogs who have herding backgrounds tend to need more exercise and stimulation in their daily routine. Taking care of a dog isn’t easy though. They can become expensive real fast and they need nurturing and love like every living thing. If you don’t have the money (times are tough right now) or the love to give, then save it all for a time in your life when you do. It is unknown when things will begin to improve, but if you do one great thing and adopt an animal in need, then that is one of the most positive things you can do! Here is the MSPCA link for adoptable animals at their Cape Cod facility: