I’m a stay at home (literally) new mom raising my baby girl in a pandemic and I thought I should try this blogging stuff out…

I was always the one to post the meme that said “Everyone is having babies and I’m over here like, look at these 500 pictures of my dog!” Well, now let me show you 500 pictures of my daughter AND my dogs! I was a dog walker and certified dog trainer for over 13 years. I’ve been a writer ever since my freshman teacher in High School gave me the confidence (Thanks Mr. Hacker). I want to share my life experiences as a mom and dog mom on Cape Cod. I look forward to sharing advice, stories, and most importantly love. We can all help one another get through these tough times together.

A light shines-
breaking a silence
of all hearts that are broken.
We will rise again,
We will feel the sun
and our journey will end
in freedom.