Cape Cod Winter Fun

Some may say that living in a beach town during the winter is boring. Well, to some degree they may be correct BUT there are plenty of things to do now that Covid restrictions are somewhat lifted.

This Saturday, I will be going on a double date to the House of Hatchets. I believe it just opened up this past year and it’s the new date night thing to do! If you don’t know what this is, it’s an axe throwing establishment. So, if you’re frustrated and need to let out some steam or just want to have a fun night out, give this place a try: House of Hatchets

Geocaching. Have you ever heard of it? I first discovered it while watching a Netflix movie. It’s like going on local treasure hunts all over the world! Weather permitting, here are some around on the Cape: Geocaching

Iceskating. There are rinks all over the Cape that are open to the public! As well as some local ponds, when it is frozen enough to venture out on. Remember to always be safe!

Museums. I love them on Cape Cod and I love them around the world! Some are closed due to the pandemic but a lot are open with restrictions and varied hours of operation. Here is a link to one of my favorites: Cape Cod Museum of Art

We are getting some more snow according to the news, so if you have children, here are some toys from Amazon that they will enjoy:

1. Penguin Snow Mold

2. Snowball Maker

3. Snow Fort Mold

I am counting down the days until warmer weather and brighter, longer days. But, we can still find some fun until then. I hope I gave you some helpful ideas for this winter. Stay safe and warm!

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